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Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Richard Kelliher & Associates

22 W. Mission St., Ste. C

Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2450

Phone: (805) 687-8021

Fax:  (805) 335-8903


The Center’s mission is to provide kind, caring, compassionate, empirically-supported and ethical services to our clients in as brief and cost-effective manner as possible so that they might get relief from painful symptoms and accomplish their personal, relationship and professional goals.

Professional Profile

Dr. Richard Kelliher is the owner and Clinical Director of a Center for Cognitive Therapy. He is a California licensed clinical psychologist (PSY11772) offering consultation to adults and seniors. He has been assisting individuals to reach their personal goals for over 26 years. Additionally, he has taught advanced clinical psychology doctoral students at Pacifica Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute and Antioch University.

Dr. Kelliher’s workshops, groups and presentations on his holistic Integrated Model demonstrate the diverse perspectives he has gained from his life experiences and several decades of work with individuals in his clinical practice. Dr. Kelliher says: “My relationships with my clients and experience with each person’s unique dynamics, experiences and world views have been the seeds for my current understanding of the self and human spirit.”

Dr. Kelliher has been honored for his dedication to the ethical practice of his profession and has held major offices in various professional organizations. He has been recognized as the Psychologist of the Year several times in the Montecito Journal.




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